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RD Construction is a full service concrete, masonry, rebar and shot-crete construction company that has extensive experience in parking structures, mid-rises, subterranean structures and structural concrete. For over 30 years, RD Construction has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of concrete construction service in the industry. The principals of RD Construction have worked in this field for more than 30 years and have earned a strong reputation amongst a diversified group of clients.


In recent years, RD Construction has identified a niche in the industry where an increasing number of clients are recognizing the advantage of combining our high quality construction work with a cost efficient structural engineering design. Structural Engineers has been the design partner with RD Construction on a number of successful recent projects. This unique partnership has led to significant savings in construction cost and time.

Our extensive experience is briefly introduced throughout this site. We are very proud of our reputation and our history. Our relentless attitude of maintaining the highest quality workmanship has kept RD Construction at the head of the pack in this industry.


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RD Construction

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